Millerntor Gallery Magazine – 2019

For the ninth Millerntor Gallery, we and a team of over 20 volunteer supporters transformed the annual art catalog into a 200-page magazine with specially produced content. Colorful, brave, loud and curious. On 200 pages you find insights, stories, artists and even an „Urinella“. With the focus on the 2019 motto: "Water is a human right“ we designed a magazine to raise money for Viva con Agua Arts and thus – trickle trickle trickle – create access to water.

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    The Millerntor Gallery is an annual event exhibiting street artists from all over the world at the FC St. Pauli Millerntor stadium. As an idea of the founders of Viva con Agua Michael Fritz and Benjamin Adrion it was created to bring together art and the aim to bring clean and fresh drinking water to the world – especially in countries where this isn’t a matter of course.

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