Emil Élise –
Fragrance tasting

Have you ever tasted a scent with your tongue? Or your skin?

Together with the young perfume brand Emil Élise we hosted a fragrance tasting event launching their first six fragrances. For each of the six scents we created a unique experience triggering a different sense. Experiencing sounds eyes closed, licking tastes from your forearm with a dominatrix, tasting the ingredients of the scent on the tongue.

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    EMIL ÉLISE is a niche fragrance brand launched in August 2022. With the wish to shake up the fragrance industry they developed six fragrances empowering the customers to be "unlike anyone".

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  • Client

    Emil Élise

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    Art Direction, Creative Concept, Campaign

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    Launch Event, Fragrances, Beauty

  • Photography

    Lennart Ritscher


Thanks to the Emil Élise team, all the helpers and to everyone who came – we had a blast!