Krisenchat –
24/7 help chat for young people

⁠Krisenchat is a 24/7 help chat for children and young people in crisis offering professional support via a low threshold medium. The concept for the brand’s identity derives from the long and often windy path through a crisis. In contrast to the dark and heavy topic we created a colourful, young and fun world shedding light into the dark corridors of mental health.

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    During the first lockdown due to Covid in 2020 the numbers of domestic violence against children increased significantly. To support young people and offer an effective medium for help and exchange the (themselves only 19 year-old) founders Kai Lanz, Jan Wilhelm, Julius de Gruyter came up with the idea for Krisenchat. Teaming up with Hans Raffauf, Iris Lanz and Melanie Eckert they built the digital and professional backbone for the company. Now the service offers a chat in realtime, around the clock, without registration, for free and confidential.

    All conversations are lead by professional psychologists or supporters with sufficient qualifications in educational theory, consulting or social work.

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The letter K, a speach bubble – an icon representing the start of a conversation.

The primary colours with the Krisenchat Mint as the brand’s main colour.
An additional palette of "Lift-your-mood" colours for different departments and topics within the Krisenchat universe.

A fun and positive feeling in contrast to the gloominess of a crisis. With bright colours and playful graphics young people are guided along the windy path they are facing - all starting with the conversation. And the icon.

„It is ok to be sad once in a while“. In addition to the chat service Krisenchat offers a wide range of content, advice and inspiration on their website and on instagram.