Soulchat –
mental health support for companies.

Soulchat is a corporate mental health service combining technology with emotions to give employees and entrepreneurs the room to grow and drive positive change within their teams. Imagine there is a psychologist behind everyone at your workplace.

The identity evolves around the thought that change is a verb best worked on together. By bringing different forces together we created an interplay between different graphical layers and dimensions. Actions and causes, noise and clarity, the natural and technological, the surreal and real, the soft and straightforward.

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Our range of energizing gradients for colourful yet tranquil backgrounds.
Click through to see thr different colours.


An extract from the brand's new style guide. As typography we chose the Epilogue as a clear yet individual typeface. With a hierarchy built through sizing of different paragraph styles rather than variation in styles.


An overview of the end product:
A 40 page style guide for everyone who works with the brand. Including logo, colours, visual world, graphics and first layouts for social media, website and presentation slides.