48qm, white walls, concrete floor –
a versatile space for creative visions.

Our studio turns into an all clean creative space within 15 minutes – through an all flexible interior system.

May it be an art exhibition, a small seminar or workshop, a dinner space – you name it.

For us, for you, for any great idea.

Interested in renting the space?

Send us an informal inquiry.

Upcoming and past Events

  • Jennifer Schurr Solo Exhibition

    We are proud to present a solo exhibition by Hamburg-based artist Jenni Schurr.
    COLLAPSE – CRACKS IN THE POSTMATERIAL SELF is an exploration of multi disciplinary works by artist Jenni Schurr depicting the inner turmoil of a consumerist manipulated identity. Is there one? How can we find it and be sure?⁠

    Vernissage: 07.04.2022 / 7 – 10pm

  • Studio Opening

    In June 2022 it was a year since we moved into this beautiful space at the Seilerstraße 38. About time to celebrate and fill it with memories and life.


    Our space has the perfect size to turn into a romantic and intimate dinner party. Add some cheese, delicious wine and good talks.